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Interlabs offers a full line of Laboratory equipment, instruments, and consumables for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Our Laboratory equipment selection is broad, if you can not find a product listed on our site, then please call for assistance at: 09812030484, 9315100943.

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Upper Primary Science Kit ("U.P.S.K.")

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  • A complete upper primary science kit
  • Portable and convenient to use
  • All the concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology can be learnt experimentally
  • Syllabus - oriented
  • Lays strong foundation for higher classes
  • Makes children ready and comfortable to use the equipments with precision
Kit Box with carton 6 ply

Main Body of 24 SWG and doors and partitions of 26 SWG M.S.Sheet. Doors will be fitted 15 mm above the ground level with main body. Right hand door should have two racks with 2 size of holes to accommodate 42 containers/vails. The rack partition should have guides (As per sample) for free movement. Rack size 220mm x 100mm x 15mm. M.S.Sheet 24SWG. 1st rack should have 18 holes dia 26 mm and 2nd rack to have 29 holes (dia. 15 mm 20 holes. And dia 26mm 9 holes) Inside painted Light Grey. Main body and doors may be of different matching colours. The doors should have suitable piano hinges duly spot welded/riveted etc. with main body. Provision for locking system (As per sample) & two folding type handle 4mm dia for carrying box. Provision for supporting rest for hanging doors to be made. Allover box size 530 x 305 x 460mm. As per sample.

Quantity per Kit 01 No.

Panel for Connections

Wooden box / plastic ABS 170 mm x 140 mm, Taper 50 mm back and 20 mm front side, painted white, markings in black.
DC Voltmeter : 0 - 20 V with resolutions of 0.4 V, 0 – 1 Amp. with resolutions of 20 mA.
Rectifier : Four diode rectifier bridge circuit (Full wave rectification of AC).
Panel connections : For input / output etc. As per sample.

Quantity per Kit 01 No.

Light Emitting Diod (LED)


Quantity per Kit 01 No.

Laboratory Thermometer

Glass, alcohol filled, -10º C to 110º C, graduation 1º C with card board/plastic cover and cotton at both ends.

Quantity per Kit 01 No.

Spherical Plano Concave Lense and Double Convex Lense

Three perspex pieces : Spherical Plano Concave Lense, Double Convex Lense and Plano Convave Lense. Each made from Perspex sheet of size 50 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm. As per sample.

Quantity per Kit 01 Set

Perspex Plano Convex Cylindrical Lense

Dia. 25 mm , half of the diameter x 15 mm height.

Quantity per Kit 01 No.

Square Glass Slab

Square glass slab, size 50 mm x 50 mm x 12 mm thick.

Quantity per Kit 01 No.

Triangular Glass Prism

Glass Prism 25 mm equilateral triangle.

Quantity per Kit 01 No.

Compound Microscope

ISI Marked Microscope : Metal Body. Plastic tube. Overall height 310 mm. Square plastic stage 110 x 110 mm. Achromatic good quality lenses. Two Objectives : 10x & 45x. Two Eyepieces : 10x & 15x having coarse fine motion & fixed condenser. As per sample.

Quantity per Kit 01 No.