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Sr. Secondry Microscale Chemistry Lab Kit ("S.S.M.C.L.K.")

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Wooden Box with Revolving Top packed in 8- ply cardboard carton

Wooden Box of Medium Density Wood Fibre (MDF) material, Grade II (Red Colour), with bonded rubber wood, thickness 11 to 12 mm : Box size Door side 13", Height 12", Rest sides 14", two inside partitions, two doors with 02 pockets, magnetic locking of two doors, two sides open, painted bottle green. Revolving Top : height 90 mm, two steps square top painted white with ball bearing system having 30 holes of diameter 25 mm for keeping 15 mL bottles and 20 holes of diameter 16 mm for keeping vials.
As per sample.

Quantity-01 No.

Micro Beaker

Borosilicate glass, capacity 10 mL, height 34 mm diametre 25 mm.

Quantity-12 Nos.

Beaker(50 mL)

Borosilicate glass, capacity 50 mL, height 56 mm, diameter 42 mm. with Graduation.

Quantity-03 Nos.

Micro Filtration Unit

Borosilicate glass, Boiling Tube : height 80 mm, diameter 20 mm, having side tube for fitting rubber bulb, Small rubber bulb, rubber cork to fit on the boiling tube, Hirsch funnel - 01 number.
As per sample.

Quantity-02 Nos.

Micro Test Tube

Borosilicate glass, height 45 mm, diameter 10 mm. with rim.

Quantity-24 Nos.

Micro Titration Flask

Borosilicate glass, height 50 mm, capacity 25 mL.
As per sample.

Quantity-04 Nos.

W -Tube

Borosilicate glass, internal diameter 08 mm, length of arms 75 mm, with wide mouth in one arm. As per sample.

Quantity-10 Nos.

Round Bottom Flask

Borosilicate glass, capacity 35 mL, short neck with rubber cork. As per sample.

Quantity-02 Nos.


Soda glass with circular flat end, length 100 mm. As per sample.

Quantity-02 Nos.

Droppers fitted with (i)02 mL Syringe (ii)and micro Bulb

Borosilicate glass, (i)length 100 mm, capillary length 50 mm, diameter 06 mm,(ii) length 50 mm, capillary length 25mm, diameter 06mm
As per samples.

Quantity-03 each

Chromatographic Jar with Cork

Soda glass, height 175 mm, diameter 30 mm.
As per sample.

Quantity-01 No.

Micro Burettes Packed in 6-ply cardboard carton containing four burettes

Borosilicate glass, capacity 05 mL, rotating screw type flow stop cock with Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) key and cup, sub division 0.02 mm, fitted with micro tip (capacity 2-200 micro litre).
As per sample.

Quantity-04 No.s